Streamline IT costs and workload with a managed service provider.

Managed services can help you dramatically reduce operational costs and capital investment. Partnering with a managed service provider lets you offload many of the tasks of maintaining and upgrading technologies so your IT team can focus on more strategic priorities.

Managed Cloud

Managed cloud providers offer fully managed IT infrastructure and applications in highly secure cloud-enabled or traditional environments. Our enterprise-class infrastructure and expert managed cloud providers let your IT team focus on the experience of your end-users and spend less time upgrading, configuring and managing hardware, middleware and applications.

Managed solutions and products; Azure, COLO, IaaS, DaaS, DRaaS, IT, IoT, Wi-Fi, MDM, SD-WAN.


Managed Security

As organizations become more dependent on technology, they also are at greater risk from cyber-attacks and data breaches due to human or system error. Analysts at Juniper Research project that data breaches will cost businesses more than $2 trillion globally by 2019, an increase of nearly 400 percent.

With the uptick in cyber crime and the increased exposure from mobile endpoints, it’s clear that organizations must do more to stay ahead of threats and effectively manage risk. Our security providers can help with a range of managed network and security solutions.

Solutions: Firewall, VPN, Security-as-a-Service, Remote Access, Network-based Antivirus, Web Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection, PCI, Compliance, etc.


We specialize in the design and implementation of a wide range of advanced systems and technologies. Whether you are looking into disaster recovery and backing up your data, setting up and extending your wireless network, or a secure remote access system – we’ll make sure the project gets done right.

IT projects can be difficult and complicated, but we assure you they no longer have to be a challenge to your business. From initial analysis to project delivery, Kirpa Systems can manage your project. Our consulting team has the tools, resources and dedication it takes to get the job done on time and within budget. Our experienced and effective consulting team can help you with IT projects of any size or complexity.

We will work closely with your team to learn your goals, develop a detailed action plan and do whatever it takes to ensure that our project management services produce a successful result.